August 23, 2008

New Home

After having considered available options, I've chosen to move my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. I'm under the impression that WordPress has more functions to offer with which I can shape my virtual home to better fit my needs and give it more of a professional look. I hope that you'll like my new place as much as I do. However, I have yet not learnt all the new functions that comes with creating a WordPress account, so bear with me, please, while I'm trying to figure out how the widgets work.

Please, update your bookmarks now! The new address is For those of you who use RSS feeders, I've created an RSS feed with Feedburner, too, which you can subscribe to here.

August 19, 2008

Breaking News: Finally a Cure for Cocaine-Abusing University Students

One has got to love sensational journalism. Here is what I just received when I checked my university email. For those of you who aren't fluent in Swedish, it roughly translates as "The way by which you can stop abusing cocaine". I must say I do wonder how many university students will benefit from having such articles sent to their emails.

Flashbacks: Polczyno

We left Sweden for Poland at the end of July to play at the Xibalba Festival. Micke, Peter, some blokes from Gothenburg and I let ourselves loose in Polczyno and here is a brief documentation of our journey. Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures is quite poor.

The combination of festival joy and alcohol takes its toll.

Do you dare entering a Polish teleport?

Sunset at Polczyno.

The Talent Series #1: Peter demonstrates one of his many talents.

The Talent Series #2: I've got some latent aptitude, too, obviously.

The Talent Series #3: If you didn't spot it immediately, this German guy is very talented, too.

The Talent Series #4: Kids, don't eat cookies given to you by fishy strangers.

The Talent Series #5: A cold morning in Poland... what could be better than reposing upon one's madras half-naked?

The Talent Series #6: A bloke, whose name I can't remember, peeing from the balcony of the hostel.

Sunrise at Polczyno: Wind power stations on the horizon.

Greetings from Poland.

Peter in a thoughtful state of mind, to say the least.

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Live Sunday morning.

The stage during the nocturnal hours.

People dancing during sunrise.

August 18, 2008

A Few Days in London and Back to Reality

It was nice to sleep in my own bed again. I came home yesterday after having spent a few days in London together with my girlfriend. I guess I'll make another post tomorrow, providing you with a few pictures from our journey. It was a real treat getting away from Sweden, if just for a couple of days. Times of moderation are coming up as I'll have to start saving up some money for my trip next year. As it looks right now, I'll first visit Copenhagen and from there I'll continue to Aarhus. It'll be nice to freshen up my Danish again. After Aarhus, I'll travel the northern shores of Germany and make a longer stop in Ghent before paying a visit to England where I plan to make a quick stop in London to visit a few friends. I hope to be able to make it to Brighton as well before crossing the English Canal and hitchhike across France, ending up in Barcelona where I am to settle for a few months. Who knows... Maybe I'll end up there forever... On second thought, I can't see myself settling anywhere for good right now. I just have to keep up moving, travelling, discovering new places and meet new people, learning more about myself and the world. I miss you guys in Barcelona, I really do. I hope to be seeing you soon again.

By the way, you can expect some new pictures on my blog soon as I'll make a little flashback post about our trip to Poland within this week, I hope.

Sunset at Polczyno, Poland.

August 11, 2008

Ozora Festival in Rear View Mirror

Updates! Updates! I have finally managed to get something done here and I thought I would share it with you guys. I came home late last evening after having spent a week in Hungary. I left Örebro for Eskilstuna on Monday together with my girlfriend and spent some time there meeting her family and just hanging out. Around noon on Tuesday, Anders and his brother picked me up and we went to Skavsta airport. The adventure was to begin.

Two hours later, our plane landed at Ferihegy airport outside Budapest and the sun stood high on the horizon, giving us a warm welcome to say the least. We spent the evening walking about in Budapest guided by Gergõ who met us at the airport. We managed to get a glimpse of the Parliament building, the Chain Bridge, the Buda castle and a great many other things. We decided to have some falafel, too, and I found a large piece of meat in mine. Indeed, that was disgusting. Luckily, no other pieces of meat were to be found on my plate but it took a good number of hours before that awful feeling of aversion went away.

At any rate, we went by car to Ozora which took us longer than anyone of us had expected. Once we were there, all senses came to transcend themselves in terms of perception and I was overwhelmed by the peaceful atmosphere and the friendly people. We had a great time at the festival. However, the music was not what I had expected. Moreover, Simon Posford had to cancel his gig because of illness, it said on the messageboard. Although I have seen him before, I was still crestfallen because, after all, his music has done so much for me that no words are enough to express my gratitude. As far as the music is concerned, I was moved by Ott's live set and Benji's DJ set, the latter being a well worthy replacement for Simon's DJ set. In conclusion, the festival was very professionally organised and the atmosphere was lovely. In other words, it was a real treat!

The problem as to how we were to get back to Budapest in time for our flight on Sunday remained unsolved till the very last day. Alan, a nice South African bloke whom I met in Norrland a few weeks ago, helped us out and introduced us to his girlfriend, Sofie, who was kind and drove us Sunday morning to Simontornya. Once we were there, we were lucky and stumbled upon some Britons who were also looking for a solution as to how to get to Budapest. We were told that a train was arriving in two minutes and if we changed trains at some place whose name even the locals must have a hard time pronouncing, we were likely to get to the airport just in time. One must have some luck sometimes! It felt so good enjoying some fair wind after a week of festivities.

Anders and I in Budapest.

Sunset in Budapest.

One of the most famous landmarks in Budapest: the Chain Bridge.

Smiling for the camera upon the Chain Bridge.

A beautiful building next to the Chain Bridge.

Upon the Chain Bridge.

Anders in the mood for posing.

One fully packed car and two dreadies.

Could I interest you in some sunflowers, sir?

After having spent a few hours trying to find a position in which one avoided suffering bad cramps, it was nice to stand upright for a change.

After passing the entrance, one walked upon this road for a kilometre or two before reaching the festival area.

It is more or less mandatory to attend the opening ceremony, isn't it?

Kites were quite popular around the dancefloor.

Martin and I spending some time in the chill out.

Benji of Younger Brother fame spinning some records in the chill out.

They had made a huge labyrinth out of the corn field next to the dancefloor. We found the centre!

Lost in corn.

More kites flying around in the air.

Outside the chill out.

Some decorations next to our camp lent the place a touch of cosiness.

The chill out purified one's soul, removing any stress that was to be found.

The dancefloor was full of energy as this picture indicates.

Shadi and I on the dancefloor. It was great fun seeing the guys from Ghent again!

People were rocking out during Tristan's live set.

As you may have figured out by now, we spent quite a lot of time in the chill out and it sort of became our second home for a few days.

Sheeps passing a valley not so far from the dancefloor.

We all had a great time at the Ozora festival, I believe. Perhaps we will be seeing each other there next year?

July 13, 2008

Portugese Adventure

Dogs are barking outside my window. I am somewhere in Oporto (why the English chose to call it Oporto instead of Porto still baffles me), listening to some reggae music and chilling after last night's party. I am sleepy so do not expect any poetical excursions today as my mind is unable to produce anything creative. I worked till 9 PM on Friday and took a cab from my work to the train station so as to catch the day's last connection to Arlanda airport. I arrived at Arlanda sometime around 2 AM and, as you may have guessed, I was quite weary. At the airport, I met my mother who arrived from Bulgaria at the same time I got to the airport. After having bid farewell, I tried to get some sleep. I had to go to the airport on Friday night because of an early departure to Frankfurt on Saturday morning. All benches were occupied by people who shared my situation so I had to repose on the cold floor. Quite backpackerish, indeed. At any rate, I first flew to Frankfurt and there I had to catch a connecting flight to Oporto. All in all I was travelling for nearly twenty hours until I reached my destination. Weary? Not at all.

I feel like I am Sarah Jessica Parker, sitting on the bed and typing on my laptop. I wonder if she is hung over, too, whenever she does that. After all, I woke up and nearly choked because of bad breath. Would that be looked upon as suicide if I had suffocated because of my own exhalation of liquor? At any rate, I have had a good time here. The people are so friendly and almost everyone is fluent in English. In Spain, they dub movies whereas in Portugal they do not and I do believe anyone can notice the difference: the Portugese people are really good at English whereas the Spanish people... well, are not as good. The blokes here use words like adjoining and petty; I cannot hide the fact that I am impressed by them, picking up such less commonly used words.

I am leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning. My plane departs at 6 AM. Lovely. Another series of hours of exhaustion. Next adventure is Poland in two weeks!

I found some tasty chai yoghurt at Frankfurt airport. German supermarkets tend to have a lot of interesting stuff, especially vegan products.

At the shore.

Manu and Renato showed me around the city.

Last evening we paid a visit to a place that was a DJ store and art gallery combined.

What could be an FRA signal tower if the Swedish government officials get to see their wet dream come true.

Next to the boardwalk.

Left: Portugese espresso at its best. Right: Beer from Oporto. Quite tasty for being bright, I must say.

A vast expanse of blue: the Atlantic Ocean.